Paul Bassoo | PES, CPT, FMS, PTA

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Paul Bassoo, started playing baseball at the early age of five years old. He has always had a deep love for the game of baseball. Paul excelled quickly and built his skills rapidly and started playing elite baseball by the age of 17. He received a scholarship to various school in the state of California. During his off seasons Paul would travel to Santo Domingo, DR with major league players for training. As a undrafted free agent, Paul went to play in Europe. Paul’s certifications are Performance Enhancement Specialist, Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement System, Certified Personal Trainer and a diploma in Physiotherapy.

The highest profile organizations Paul has worked at is:

• Baltimore Orioles organization

• Canadian Olympic Committee

• Professional independent teams in Europe, Asia and Dominican Republic

• Independent Strength Coach for Team Cuba



Rob Shaw

Assistant Trainer

Starting from a young age Rob has played numerous sports from baseball, hockey, volleyball, tennis and football leading right up to now. Empowered with a background in nursing, anatomy and physiology the field of strength and conditioning almost comes as second nature. Rob has trained with world record holders, Olympic athletes, members of Tennis Canada’s u 12 and u18 athletes, general population and everything in-between, With a deep love of training and getting people stronger and faster, the love of athletics is long lasting and something to have a career in.