“Thank you Intensity Performance for helping me out on my off season. Overall, I feel I have gained strength, stamina has increased and my agility has improved. I am ready for the 2016 season. I appreciate your help and dedication to our program.”

Edward Salcedo

Kansas City Royals

“Training with Intensity Performance has taught me about how strength has a major role in baseball and fitness in general. Naipaul would push me to my limits but in the end, it was worth every moment. I am grateful to have trained with Naipaul Bassoo and he will be my life long friend.”

Yasser Gonzalez

Vegueros de Pinar del Rio

Cuba National Baseball

“I reached out to Intensity Performance to lean out and increase my foot speed for my senior year of high school baseball. He then assessed that I was tight and did not have full range of motion for my hip flexors. At the beginning of every session, Naipaul worked on flexibility and core stability.

Since we trained, I have leaned out,60 yard dash has dropped, my range of motion has increased dramatically and I have gained the proper strength for baseball. I would highly recommend Intensity Performance for any athlete trying to achive the next level.”

My Personal Records:

40 Yard: 4.67 from 4.97

Dead lift: 415

Squat: 325

Mathew Lonetto

Toronto Mets

NCAA Prospect

“Our training with Paul Bassoo was aimed to improve our performance in competitions for swimming. With a detailed and effective training plan, the coaching allowed us to surpass our expectations with the achievement of national times and other respective standards by the end of the competitive season. The level of effectiveness as well as the relative speed in which improvement was seen was definitely a benefit of working with Mr. Bassoo. His dedication to providing training programs that are mindful of both our goals and the changes needed to achieve them has made Mr. Bassoo a pleasure to train with.”

Thomas and Julia de Xavier

Competitive Swimmers

“I came to Advantage 4 Athletes with a goal in mind to shed some weight and build some muscle.  I was introduced to Paul who immediately put together a program for me and got me sweating and working hard.  He quickly made me familiar with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Paul is very knowledgeable and creative in his programs and knows how to push me to the limits and get results.  In just 6 sessions with Paul, I had already shed 7lbs and notice a difference in my strength and conditioning.   Paul is detail oriented and is always evaluating how Im feeling and can tailor a workout session on the go, and extract the most out of me.  Training with Paul is challenging, fun and rewarding and I look forward to more training sessions and to achieving my goals.”

Ross S

Business Owner

I wanted to change my overall lifestyle. Fortunately I got in contact with Paul. Before we started any physical activity, he ran a FMS (functional movement system) to determine my movement patters. We got started in May 2015 and everything has been uphill. I had lower back issues and when he strengthen my core, the pain started to decrease. Paul is very educated in his fitness industry. Every session, he gives me a quiz to see what I remember after the session, which is very beneficial. He also guided me through a nutrition plan which is also decreasing my body fat. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a better lifestyle!”

Adam Berlin

Business Owner

“I am Bassoo’s mentor and coach since the day I met him. He has developed physically and mentally since training for baseball. Over the years, Naipaul excelled and developed fast with his strength and dedication to the game of baseball. He earned his scholarship to California schools and playing overseas in the Dominican and Europe. I have learned a lot about strength training, nutrition, sport specific training and fitness in general from Naipaul. He is very creative with his workouts and plans. He gives 100% time and effort to every client, I would recommend him to anyone who wants a better lifestyle!”

Todd Betts

Head Coach, Former New York Yankees player

“I own GS Nutrition in Santo Domingo and I am a trainer at The Body Shop, Plaza Naco. Naipaul and I trained together and I never seen an athlete who trains insanely. His theory behind every workout related to a day to day life. I learned a lot about strength, endurance and nutrition from Naipaul. I hope he comes back one day back to the Dominican.”

Joelby Valerio

Owner of GS Nutrition

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“My name is Pascal Regnier, I am in charge of La Rochelle, France Baseball Organization.

This letter to inform and certify that Naipaul Bassoo played with us and has been a very good man and coach for the kids at local schools. On his spare time, he would go and coach them, in 2014. Naipaul has shared knowledge about training in the gym to our teammates and players.”

Pascal Regnier

Owner of La Rochelle Baseball Club, La Rochelle, France

“Naipaul Bassoo has completed a 1.5 month stay at our Academy, BORN TO PLAY, in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. He was here from January 25/2010 to March 4/2010.

Naipaul practiced on a daily basis with our top players (Edward Salcedo and Wagner Mateo) and many more. Naipaul is very dedicated and is a hard worker. He was has a positive attitude and more than anything wants to play baseball.

During Naipaul’s short stay with us we focused on the parts of his game needed the most work. Our staff was pleasantly surprised as to how quick he understood what was explained to him and how quickly he transferred that to the playing field. His strength training played a big factor to the baseball field, as he has a lot of power on his swing. Overall having Naipaul on a team is a plus for teammates, coaching and the game itself.”

Edgar Mercedes

Owner of Born to Play Academy, Dominican Republic